Buying photos on Shutterstock

Subscription packages allow customers to pay a monthly fee and then download up to 750 images per month under a standard license. Shutterstock pays the author between 25 and 38 cents each time one of your images is uploaded, depending on your earnings level.

The on-demand plan allows customers to purchase a package of images under a standard or extended license. These images must be uploaded within a year from the date of purchase. Some packages limit the size of the uploaded image. Shutterstock also offers customers two main types of licenses: the standard license and the extended license. Standard licenses limit the number of times an image can be used in print and do not allow images to be used in products. The extended license allows buyers to use uploaded images for merchandising and other commercial uses.

For customers, there is a third option: custom license packages. They are available to large buyers such as advertising agencies and publishers. User licenses without the “confidential use” option pay royalties of $ 2 to $ 15 or more, depending on the cost of the license and your level of income. User licenses with the “confidential use” option pay between $ 75 and $ 90, again depending on the license and your level of income.